Dogs suffer flatulence and farting as much as humans do. Dogs also tend to leave you with a lingering gas that smells horrendous. Dogs also like to sneak away and leave you with the awful smell of their gas

Why do Frenchies Fart?

Types of food: If your Frenchie is s a little gas machine, it might be because of his or her diet. You will want to spend some time looking at the dog food market, as not everything is created equal and many products do not have proper ingredients for your pup. Processed foods are bad for French Bulldogs, they tend to have excessive carbohydrates which cause extreme gas. Dogs just like humans can be allergic to a certain food, such as wheat and high-fiber grain. They cannot digest these foods so it causes them to gas.

Table scraps: Never feed your French Bulldog table scraps since they have carbohydrates, starches, sugars, and other ingredients in human food that irritate a dog’s stomach. This can lead to farts becoming stink bombs!