The breed standard for French Bulldogs is to have semi-long, fine, and shiny hair. Unlike other dogs that shed, they also grow their fur coats in the summertime which keeps them cool. However, if you notice your Frenchie shedding more than usual this may be a symptom of a skin problem. As I mentioned before, all dog breeds shed their hair. However, if your Frenchie is losing a lot of hair and it appears to be excessive, then there may be other underlying health conditions that you should investigate further.

The main reasons why French Bulldogs lose hair are:

  • Food irritants – know what you are feeding your dog all the time and avoid foods that may cause allergies.

  • Environmental irritants – Pollen and other airborne irritants can cause skin conditions for French Bulldogs.

  • Hot spot or acute moist dermatitis – a condition that is common to all canines but especially French Bulldogs who develop moisture in their skin folds.

  • Chronic dry skin – is caused by too much bathing.

  • Dandruff – hair dandruff caused by allergens inside your house.

  • Mites – mites burrowed into a French Bulldog’s hair can lead to excessive hair loss and even bald spots.

French bulldogs are likely to lose hair because of food and environmental allergies. Signs that your French Bulldog has an allergy issue include constant paw licking, face rubbing on the ground, or scratching at their ears. French Bulldogs are prone to lip-fold pyoderma (folds in their skin) and, if not properly treated, bacterial and yeast infections. Hair loss can be prevented or reduced in most cases rather than finding a cure. Avoiding this is especially true if your Frenchie’s problem is allergy-related. To reduce hair loss on your French bulldog, provide routine care, good nutrition, and plenty of exercise for your furry friend.

  • Routine care – Treat your Frenchie like your own child. Be sure to brush their hair regularly, check their wrinkles for moisture or yeast infections, and keep them away from typical food or environmental irritants as much as possible.

  • Good diet – Feed your French Bulldog a lean diet that is free from typical food irritants that cause allergies. Also, keep an eye out for food scraps and other items around the house to stop your Frenchie from eating something they shouldn’t.

  • Exercise – French Bulldogs don’t need much exercise but take them for a walk at least once a day to keep them fit, healthy, and stimulated.

Make sure you check with your vet if your Frenchie is acting strange and scratching a lot. If your dog has just begun to scratch or develop hot spots and dry patches, start checking for possible causes. Always begin with your pet’s diet. If you are not feeding it anything out of the ordinary, check its environment for cleanliness or any unusual irritations.