Are you on the market for a Frenchie as a family pet? 

Before we get into the things that make Frenchies such great family dogs, a few reasons why you should chose the French Bulldog breed. 

Frenchies unlike most breeds can come with a range of health problems if you’re unlucky or if you don’t take care of them properly. Making sure you pick a qualified breeder can make all the difference. French Bulldogs are high maintenance breed requiring a lot of attention – they are not a breed that should be left home alone or in kennel at all times. 

Do French Bulldogs make good family dogs?

Yes, French Bulldogs make for the perfect  family dog. If you have a safe, secure, and loving environment in which to keep them. Frenchies are wonderful with kids and their compact size makes them also great for young children. 

4 reasons French Bulldogs and kids make the best duo. 

1.Frenchies can teach your kids responsibility.

2.Frenchies can be your child’s playmate and keep them entertained.

3. Frenchies can help keep your kids fit.

4.Frenchies are good natured and typically non-aggressive.

If you have another dog already in your family, then there’s every chance a Frenchie will get on with them. Introducing them at that young puppy stage is key to get a look into what your future holds. 

If you want a great family dog then I thoroughly recommend getting a French Bulldog. But please do buy responsibly, picking the most reputable breeder and placing a deposit for your new Frenchie is only the beginning. Make sure you’re prepared as a family for what is going to be in store! Be sure to check out puppy check list blog out to help you prepare.