Dog doors are a great way to give you French Bulldog access to the outside without disturbing your schedule or letting them into areas you don’t want them in. Dog doors can be simple flaps mounted on interior walls, or they can be large, custom-built units installed on exterior walls. Before installing a dog door for your Frenchie companion, it’s essential to make sure the size of the dog door is appropriate for their size. If you have multiple French Bulldogs of different sizes in your home, select a dog door based on the largest French Bulldog.

Step 1: Show your Frenchie the dog door and pair the sight of it with treats and praise. Move the flap back and forth while you do this, to show them that it is not strange or scary.

Step 2: Encourage your dog to explore the dog door flap. Spend some time letting them sniff and paw at it, then reward their interest with treats. Let them get used to pushing it open with their nose so they understand how it works.

Step 3: Now you are ready to teach your French Bulldog to go through the dog door on its own. Put yourself on the other side of the door, then hold the flap open or, depending on your door design, lock it in place. Now use treats and toys to encourage them to walk through.

Step 4: Now we want to get your dog comfortable pushing through the flap. Hold the flap partially open and give them treats if they come in or you can use a squeaker toy.

Step 5: In the beginning, hold the flap open as your Frenchie goes through. As you increase their confidence, continue to lower the flap more and more with each successful pass-through. Continue to praise, treat and reward your pet for going in and out of the door.

Step 6: For your dog to be able to use the dog door independently, continue gradually lowering the flap each time you train with them until they are confidently pushing through it—and going in and out of the dog door—all on their own.

French Bulldogs need a safe and secure yard with a well-secured fence. Keep your dog from places he should not be in the yard so that he does not get into conflict with other dogs or wildlife. When unsupervised, your Frenchie might become lost or may even be stolen by criminals.