French bulldogs are adorable, but they can also be destructive. Here’s how to train yours without making him feel bad about himself.

French Bulldogs are friendly and lovable. They’re good with kids, intelligent, playful, loyal, and affectionate. However, French Bulldogs can be a handful, and they’re not all angels. Some have behavioral issues, some because of their energy level, the environment around them, and their owner’s actions.

  • Abuse/neglect. If your dog has been rescued, he might act out because of what he’s been through in previous homes or shelters.

  • Health problems. French bulldogs tend to suffer from a number of health problems, including cataracts and gastroenteritis. Some bad behaviors might be symptoms or side effects of their illnesses.

  • Boredom. Dog owners who don’t provide enough exercise and mental stimulation to their dogs might find them getting into trouble.

  • Bad habits. Your puppy might need some discipline. They won’t grow out of bed-wetting or slipper-chewing anytime soon, so you may have to be stern.

When you’re evaluating your French Bulldog’s behavior, it’s important to consider the cause before searching for a solution. Some problems will require different solutions.

If you have noticed your French Bulldog engaging in any of this behavior, it might be time to take action:

Destructive Biting and Chewing

When a dog tears into the toilet paper roll, it can mean one of two things. Either the dog is playing or it could be experiencing some form of anxiety.


French Bulldogs shouldn’t ever be aggressive because that’s not in their nature; and if they are, it’s usually due to abuse or unsocialization.

Bad Leash Discipline

French bulldogs are active and playful dogs that love to go on walks. They have a tendency to pull on the leash or lunge at bunnies, making it hard for them to be walked when you’re not careful. This can lead to injury if not handled correctly.

Urinating or Defecating in the House

French bulldogs can sometimes take a long time to housebreak. Be patient if your puppy has accidents around the house or if they start suddenly having accidents for no obvious reason.

Excessive Barking

You might find little puppies’ howls cute, but full-grown dogs that keep you up at night with their serenades are definitely not on the list of favorites! If your French bulldog is keeping you awake with their vocalizations, then it’s time to get them corrected.

Although each dog is unique, here are a few general steps that you can follow to solve most French Bulldog behavioral issues.

1. Identify the cause

If your dog is peeing on the carpet because it needs medical attention, yelling at him for misbehaving won’t help. But if he’s peeing on the carpet to get attention, coddling him will only encourage this behavior to continue in the future.

2. Make a plan of action

What can you do when your puppy needs a distraction from teething? You could try and find something else to chew; maybe some of those chew toys that help with teething.

3. Stick to your guns

Training a French Bulldog requires time, patience, and consistency. They are stubborn creatures, and they expect to get their way. First, you must train it how to walk properly on lead and stop pawing.

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Dealing with behavior problems in French Bulldogs can be tough. Use these tips to understand and solve the issue at hand. The sweetest dog is hiding inside your pup.