It’s one of the most selfless things you can do to rescue a French Bulldog. They just need someone to give them a chance and they’ll repay us with unending loyalty and affection. Are you thinking about adopting a French Bulldog? Want to find out more about French Bulldog shelter dogs? We’ve got all the details!

There are many reasons to adopt a Frenchie from a shelter. You will be saving a puppy and helping the environment by adopting from your local shelter.

Fighting the Stigma

There has been an increase in the stereotype of French Bulldogs, which has led to more Frenchies being abandoned and not adopted. You can help reverse this trend by opening up your home to a Frenchie who needs it.

Life-Saving Adoptions

Every day, dogs who have been surrendered to shelters are euthanized. It’s horrible to imagine, but it’s true. Shelters that are overfull and underfunded face problems every day, so just imagine the conditions of your local pound.

Pre-Trained Pups

Many shelter dogs are already house-trained. They were abandoned at the shelter because of factors outside their control like new landlords or sudden allergies. These can be great choices for people who aren’t interested in training a puppy from birth.

Less Demand for Breeders and Puppy Mills

Pet overpopulation is a problem. It’s not something you can solve by yourself, but the good news is that pet owners are doing more than ever to end the cycle. They’re rejecting unethical breeding practices and adopting from shelters and rescues.

Picking Your Pooch

Puppies or an older dog? Big, little, or some mix of all? We have a full range, and you’ll need to be certain you get the right one for your situation.

Adoption from a dog rescue or shelter is a wonderful thing to do, but not everyone in every situation would be the ideal candidate for this.

Behavioral Issues

Some shelter dogs have had behavioral issues. It isn’t their fault, but it happens. Anyone who has been abused or improperly socialized in the past could behave this way, and since many shelter dogs come from environments like these, they often exhibit anxiousness or aggression. Are you willing to make the commitment of time and money required to adequately care for a dog? Are your children old enough to understand the responsibility that comes with owning a pet? If you answered no to any of these questions, don’t rescue a dog until you are ready for a commitment.

Health Problems

Shelter dogs may not come with a medical history. They might not have been vaccinated or have genetic disorders. You might not know how old they are. French bulldogs have a higher than average rate of health issues, especially ear infections and respiratory problems.

Shelter Restrictions

Before you get a new dog, make sure your home is ready for one. Some shelters have prerequisites for adopters, such as paperwork and home visits.

Adopting a shelter dog is great, but you should spend some time weighing all the pros and cons. Before you make any decisions, do your research.