It’s been 3-4 months of crate training and  your new French Bulldog is home to stay, the temptation to let your new dog sleep in your bed will likely be very strong. To make matters worse, Frenchies are known as “criers.”

Your puppy is crated and crying and you are awake  listening, so you give in and let your French Bulldog up into your bed with you. The crying stops. You feel better. Your dog feels better. You are cuddling as you slowly drift off to sleep.Suddenly you are wide awake again. Your dog isn’t. Because all at once you realize something all experienced French Bulldogs know well. Frenchies are known to snore.

Yet the expectation has been established. In the morning, your dog is well rested and you are exhausted. When nighttime rolls around again, guess who wants to sleep in the bed with you?

If you’re wondering if you should allow your Frenchie to sleep with you in the bed, some facts will help you make a decision. It might sound sweet and cuddly to share a bed with a Frenchie but it might not go so smoothly … For the first few days, it might look like things go pretty well. However, you’ll soon start to fight for your side of the bed and end up sleeping on the floor. Frenchies are quite famous for their affectionate behavior, so they will do everything to sneak into your your comfy zone. Therefore, if you love sleeping more than doing anything else in the world, allowing your Frenchie to sleep in the bed with you doesn’t sound like a good idea.

They’re Known As ‘Velcro Dogs’

Since Frenchies belong to companion breeds, they tend to act clingy toward their owners. That’s why they got the name ‘velcro dogs’. Once you allow your Frenchie to sneak into your bed, it will be difficult to change such a routine. Creating an over-attached connection with a dog is not recommended because that’s how you can induce developing of separation anxiety in your pet.

Every Dog Should Have His Own Crate 

From the moment you’ve just brought your puppy home, you should gradually teach it to spend time in his crate. It’s one of the best ways to prevent aggressive behavior, separation anxiety, and other behavioral issues. That’s how your pet will learn to respect your free time, and would not follow you from room to room. You have to admit that it can be very annoying to have a little stalker in the house, so teaching the dog to spend time in the crate will also provide him with a sense of security and safety while you’re finishing errands.