What’s The Difference Between a Pug And a French Bulldog?

What Distinguishes A Pug From A French Bulldog?

The distinction between a pug and a French bulldog can be challenging. Beyond their adorable, fuzzy looks, these species have a lot in common. To understand more about these family-friendly dog breeds and canine relatives like the Frenchie pug and puggle, see our guide. You’ll develop into a true specialist, we hope.

French bulldog and pug history
An old breed dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC–200 AD) in China is the pug. They were kept in lavish homes, under the ownership of Emperors, and even under the protection of soldiers. When trade between China and Europe began in the late 1500s and early 1600s, Dutch traders brought the pug to Europe. Pugs quickly rose to the top of the royal family pet list; in Holland, they were designated as the official dog of the House of Orange, and both Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte kept them as pets. Pugs were first displayed in the UK in 1861 and enjoyed great popularity throughout the Victorian era, appearing in artwork and sculptures of the time. A lover of apricot-fawn pugs, Queen Victoria also bred the canines.

difference Pug vs. French Bulldog

The French bulldog, or Frenchie, as they are fondly referred to by their admirers today throughout the world, actually began life in England across the channel. To labor in Normandy during the Industrial Revolution, English lacemakers brought their miniature toy bulldogs. Initially, their furry friends were hugely well-liked ratters. The French bulldog that we know and love today is the consequence of the canines being crossed with French terriers in France. The breed gained a following among Parisian women who praised its bat-like ears. The first French bulldog club was established by American fanciers at the end of the 19th century.

Pug vs. Frenchie dog fight
Frenchie and Pug sizes

Frenchies are bulkier and have a more muscular build than pugs, despite their same size. In contrast, the bodies of pugs are more rounded. Pugs, whether male or female, weigh about 6–8 kg and stand 25–35 cm tall, whereas French bulldogs, with their stocky builds, weigh about 8–15 kg and stand 30-33 cm tall.

French Bulldogs feature bug-like eyes, short tails, and short snouts. They have a very narrow snout with wide nostrils and a noticeable line separating them.

Pugs have deep facial creases and huge, flat, round heads with bulging, round eyes. Due to the fact that they resemble good luck symbols in their language, the Chinese, who were the original breeders of pugs, revered these wrinkles. ‘Beauty markings’ or tiny moles can also appear on the cheeks of pugs. Their forehead appears to have a unique thumb imprint, and they have a small, black snout.

Both dogs are brachycephalic breeds because of their flatter faces. Their short palates, small tracheas, and tiny nostrils can all lead to health and respiratory issues. More information on some of the health problems brachycephalic dogs experience can be found here.

The unique ‘bat’ ears on Frenchies are believed to be of a medium size and stand upright on their square-shaped heads. Pugs have floppy ears with a softer appearance and a velvety texture to the touch.

A picture of a pug’s tail
The tiny, stumpy tail of the Frenchie might be straight or twisted, and it will sit low over their rectum. A deformity in the vertebrae leads to a screwed tail, which is more common in bulldogs. A pug’s tail is short and firmly coiled.

Frenchie vs. Pug jackets
Aside from the rare breeze, Frenchies have a nice, fair, and short coat and have little to no odor. and very little shedding. Pugs have two coats and frequently shed, especially in the summer.

Pugs can quickly overheat in the hot months due to their short muzzle, thus their activity needs to be watched since both breeds can be sensitive to extremely cold temperatures.

A Frenchie Pug: What Is It?
It is a French Bulldog and a Pug hybrid. A Frug is another name for it.

Describe a Puggle.
A purebred Beagle and a pug were crossed to create this.

Frenchie vs. Pug personality
Pugs are sometimes referred to as “the comedians of the dog world” because they provide their owners with nonstop joy, hilarity, and hugs. They are very much a lap dog who wants constant company and are loves. If your pug asks to sleep in your bed with you, don’t be shocked!

Pugs are ideal for spending time indoors with their owner and can live well in tiny spaces because they don’t require a lot of exercise and can overheat in hot temperatures.

Not to be outdone, Frenchies are also exceptionally affectionate and friendly breeds that make wonderful furry friends. French Bulldogs are less nimble and more calm when sprinting and jumping because of their bigger build. Long walks or excursions are excellent for Frenchies and will keep them healthy and lean when done regularly. Additionally, Frenchies don’t require a lot of exercise, so they are content to be at home with their owner.

Both types of dogs are terrific furry companions and are very sociable, loving animals. Through Rover.com, you may find your dog a fantastic dog sitter who offers dog boarding to keep them company if you can’t be around as much as you’d want.

Since pugs are gluttons and prone to overeating, it is important to keep an eye on how much food they are consuming. French bulldogs may not be as food-obsessed as pugs, but they can develop obese if overfed and underexercised.

Frenchie vs. Pug training
Pugs are extremely bright, but they may also be stubborn and challenging to train. The same time, they are wonderful pets for elderly and first-time owners because to their laid-back disposition and affectionate behavior.

Fluffy French Bulldog studs

French bulldogs are known for being rather bullheaded and obstinate, therefore it’s crucial for owners to establish their dominance early on. Although Frenchies are little, don’t treat your dog like a baby. They may develop stubbornness and, in untrained dogs, even aggression.

Both types of dogs are incredibly devoted and make wonderful family pets. It’s ideal to socialize your French bulldog with other dogs and people when they’re young because French bulldogs can be protective around young children.

Frenchie vs. Pug health
A French bulldog can live for over ten years on average, whereas a pug can live for 12 to 15 years.

French bulldogs seem to have fewer health issues than pugs, but both breeds are susceptible to respiratory issues because of their short muzzles. Additionally, if they are overfed, they may develop obesity and overheat in hot weather.

Frenchies are prone to back, heart, and eye disorders. Due to their huge, protruding eyes, pugs are also susceptible to eye issues.

Although not necessarily a “health” worry, both breeds are notorious for their loud snoring and tendency to blow gas, which might be pretty uncomfortable for people nearby!