The dreaded butt scoot has been witnessed by numerous Merle French Bulldog parents. It might happen right after coming inside from the outside or in front of some friends.
Scooting might be on par with pleading and humping someone’s leg when it comes to embarrassing behaviors your Merle Frenchie exhibits. Find out why your Merle Frenchie has the scoots before you start laughing, and learn what you can do to fix it.

Scooting is actually a dog’s attempt to relieve themselves of something that’s uncomfortable back there. That could indicate an issue, itch, irritation, pain, or problem. Your Merle Frenchie scooting could be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from the mildly uncomfortable to the seriously problematic. It will be easier to find more immediate solutions if you are aware of the causes of scooting issues.

Clogged Sacs
All dogs have two tiny anal sacs on either side of their back, which they release when they poop and which are filled with a fishy-smelling liquid. The substance could be a biomarker that aids in creating a kind of “poop print” for other dogs to detect.

His anal sacs normally empty when your Merle French Bulldog goes to the bathroom. However, the fluid can accumulate if they’re not functioning properly. Inflamed glands in the sacs often cause the liquid to solidify and prevent its release. It can be painful and even infected when the sacs are constantly full or are not emptying properly.

You should take your Merle French Bulldog to the vet if their glands appear enlarged or if they are dripping blood. They ought to express them if the anal glands are overactive. Your veterinarian will typically recommend a course of antibiotics and occasionally painkillers if they become infected.
Allergies to food.

Some Merle French Bulldogs’ anal sac issues could be related to food allergies or intolerances. It’s common knowledge that merle frenchies are somewhat of an allergy poster dog. Diet may be the root of the problem if sluggish or watery bowel movements don’t exert the pressure required to fully empty the sacs. A diet that only contains one or two types of protein, is deficient in fiber, or includes grains like corn, oatmeal, rice, wheat, or soy can affect stools and impair the anal sacs’ ability to function. I always suggest feeding non-chicken based food to Merle French Bulldogs. To avoid the chicken allergy that so many merle Frenchies struggle with, opt for salmon or turkey-based dishes.

In conclusion, if your Merle French bulldog scoots once or twice after going outside, it might just be an itch or dirty bottom. Cleaning the pocket on your Merle French Bulldog’s tail may also be beneficial. Our entire blog is devoted to pocket tail cate. Take your Bulldog to the vet right away for an examination to identify the cause of the scooting, though, if you notice the behavior happening more frequently, constant licking or biting of the rear area, or any other signs of swelling or abnormality.