Merle French bulldogs are among the rarest variations of this well-known breed that you can find, and they are incredibly beautiful. Merle coats have long been a favorite among people due to their mottled spots and striking contrast.

Let’s explore the merle French bulldog, unquestionably one of the most coveted designer purebred breeds.

Merle French Bulldog Puppies

Meet Some Insta-Famous Merle Frenchies

If you’re looking for examples of a merle coat, you won’t have to seek an audience in the king’s court. Today, you can just hop over to Instagram to find merle french bulldogs aplenty!

1. Mazie the Black & Tan Merle French Bulldog

Mazie the Black & Tan Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @_Crazie_Mazie

Born in 2019, Mazie is an energetic pup with a big personality. This bubbly Ukrainian merle French bulldog may pose well for photos, but she loves to romp and play when she’s not in front of the camera!

2. Otis the Black & Tan Merle Frenchie

Otis the Black & Tan Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @Otis.GC

Otis may be enjoying his life in the United Kingdom, but this pup’s rough-and-tumble tendencies aren’t very posh. He’s a little firecracker and mischief maker, and he’ll pop right into your heart!

3. James the Blue Merle French Bulldog

James the Blue Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @JamesBlueMerle

James lives in the Netherlands, and he loves a good nap. No breed is a monolith, and James’ laid-back lifestyle is the perfect example of how French bulldog personalities can vary. He loves chilling out, sunbathing, and posing for his Insta fans.

4. Tito the Lilac Merle Frenchie

Tito the Lilac Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @ChiquitoTito_Frenchie

Tito lives in Illinois, and was born in 2021. He’s an AKC-certified merle Frenchie, and he loves his family. If you’ve ever wondered if a French bulldog plays well with kids, then drop by Tito’s page to see that these gruff faces hide soft and squishy hearts.

5. Lola the Blue Tri Merle Frenchie

Lola the Blue Tri Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @Lola.The.French.Bulldog

Lola is one of the younger pups on this list, and was born in January of 2022. Less than a year old, she’s still got a lot to learn! If you’re looking for insights on training a Frenchie, then Lola’s page is the perfect place to be.

6. Goku the Black & Blue Merle French Bulldog

Goku the Black & Blue Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @GokuMerleDog

He looks a little like his namesake with those pointy ears, doesn’t he? Goku’s a real dapper chap, and he loves to smile for the camera!

7. Leavis the Cocoa Merle Frenchie

Leavis the Cocoa Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @Leavis_The_Frenchie

Leavis is a cocoa merle French bulldog living in Germany who has an impressively big smile. Born in 2016, this pup has spent his years enjoying life and romping around.

8. Kylo the Tri Merle Frenchie

Leavis the Cocoa Famous Merle French Bulldog
Source: @KyloHaney

Kylo’s the pup about town! He’s a great example of how these pups can fit into a city lifestyle, and love spending time with their people.

9. Isabella Merle French Bulldog

Toretto the Isabella Merle French Bulldog
Source: @IsabellaMerleFrenchie

Looking for a more suburban experience? Toretto enjoys his life in the suburbs, and he’s constantly updating his page with new photos. Toretto is a rare Isabella merle, a color variation sometimes referred to as “pure lilac” because these pups are even lighter in color than the pastel lilac merle. 

10. Slater the Blue & Tan Fluffy Frenchie

Slater the Blue & Tan Fluffy Frenchie
Source: @SlaterTheFluffyMerle

Slater is a well-behaved pup, but that doesn’t mean he avoids play! He’s rambunctious when he wants to be, but his training keeps him in check. A rare combo of merle and the fluffy Frenchie gene, Slater is one of a kind! 

11. Leo the Red Merle Frenchie

Leo the Red Merle Frenchie
Source: @LeoLeoGoodBoy

Finally, there’s Leo! This pup is a real layabout, and he’s an absolute snuggler! Even when Leo is hanging out with his people, he’s probably thinking about taking a nice nap.

What Type of Merle French Bulldogs Are There?

There are a few different color variations of the merle French bulldogs. No two merle coats are quite the same, and we classify the varieties by color. 

Photo by Roberto Reyes ? in Cali, Colombia. May be an image of dog.

These colors are not unique to merle French bulldogs. There are many standard French bulldogs colors, including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brindle
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Faun
  • Tan

While merle is one of the most coveted, you can also find spotted and sable French bulldogs. All of these classifications are descriptions of coloration, which means that all of these pups will be purebred French bulldogs.

How Are Merle Frenchies Bred?

Responsible breeders sire merle pups by mixing one merle French bulldog with a non-merle French bulldog. For example, a merle mother might be bred with a father that has a solid-colored coat and does not carry the merle gene. While this process does not guarantee that all (or any) of the puppies will be merle, it ensures that the genes responsible for this stunning coloration are passed on while avoiding harmful side effects.

Irresponsible breeders may breed two merle dogs together, which can result in a “double merle” puppy, which will often have multiple disabilities. Double merle dogs are often blind and deaf. These pups are then sold at high prices, and their disabilities may not be disclosed to future owners, so it is so important to do your research and find responsible breeders. 

Merle French Bulldog FAQ

A Merle French Bulldog

If you’ve ever had any questions about French bulldogs, then this is the place to be! I’ve rounded up the top questions about merle French bulldogs and answered them in this handy FAQ.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Purebred?

Yes. A true merle French bulldog will be the result of two purebred French bulldogs. Merle is not a separate breed; rather, it’s a classification for a pup’s patterning. You can also find merle shepherds, spaniels, and so on!

How Much Is A Merle French Bulldog?

You can expect to pay $3,500–$10,000 for a merle French bulldog. The high cost is associated with the rarity of these pups’ gorgeous coats. Reputable breeders will also charge more to cover appropriate check-ups and care.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Unhealthy?

Properly bred merle French bulldogs should not have any birth defects or genetic conditions, but double merle Frenchies may be at risk for blindness and hearing issues. 

A standard merle French bulldog will be at risk of a number of conditions commonly found in the breed:

  • Ear infections
  • Breathing issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Mobility problems
  • Skin problems
  • Spinal problems

How Do I Know If My French Bulldog Is Merle?

A merle French bulldog can be distinguished by its coat. If your pup has the lovely mottled color and pattern, then they’re probably a merle. Many merle dogs will also have pinkish spots on their nose. Most have dark-colored eyes, but this is not a steadfast rule. Some merles have lighter eyes, and others may be born with eyes that are different colors!

You can also get your pup a genetic test to double-check if they’re a merle. If you purchase a merle French bulldog from a responsible breeder, you’ll be told if your pup is a merle. You can also request genetic information from the breeder, which can be used to confirm that your pup is a true merle.

Does a Registry Recognize Merle French Bulldogs?

Yes. The merle French bulldog is recognized by the Designer Kennel Club.

What Is A Double Merle French Bulldog?

A double merle French bulldog is the result of two merle dogs being bred together. Double merles will often inherit genetic mutations as a result of having two merle genes, and many double merle dogs will be blind and/or deaf. Double merle dogs are also prone to low-pigmentation and may be more sensitive to the sun and more susceptible to skin conditions. 

To avoid supporting irresponsible breeders, do your research! Make sure that you acquire your next pup from a responsible and respected breeder. These folks truly care about their dogs, and they perform rigorous genetic tests to ensure that every puppy is as healthy as possible.

You can spot a good breeder by making sure they meet the following expectations:

  • Are active areas — such as grassy lawns for play — visible?
  • Are visitors allowed to meet the puppy’s parents?
  • Do their dogs have appropriate paperwork?
  • Do they allow visitors to see other dogs and their living conditions?
  • Do they have a waiting list?

You can also adopt a pup from your local shelter! While a merle French bulldog will be a rare find, you might just hit the puppy jackpot. If you decide to adopt, keep an open mind. You may just find a new furry friend that isn’t a merle French bulldog!