Winter is coming… it’s important to keep your Frenchie nice and warm. If you live in Houston, Texas you may not be battling as severe temperatures as the Northern states but it’s important to make sure your French Bulldog is nice and cozy during the winter months. 

French Bulldogs are already sensitive to the heat. Given they are not coated in thick fur, Frenchie’s are also sensitive to the crisp cold air. 

Tips on Keeping Your Frenchie Warm: 

Frenchie by the fire

1. When your French Bulldog is outdoors it’s important to monitor them. Do not leave them in the backyard for too long or else your pooch will be shivering and could catch the sniffles. Taking your Frenchie on a walk in the cold should be cautionary as well, especially if there is snow of ice on the ground. Grab a pair of booties from your local pet store! This will aid in keeping their paws from freezing, getting dry, and cracking. 

2. Another clothing item to consider is a nice cozy hoodie. This will keep your the heat close to your French Bulldogs body and prevent it from escaping. This keeps them nice and warm. A lined raincoat is another item to consider. It’s great for snowy conditions because it won’t get soaking wet later! 

3. Make sure your Frenchie stays hydrated. Administer warm water during these cold months. Winter can be extremely dehydrating for humans and animals alike, and giving them warm water ensures that your Frenchie is hydrated. Chilled water can lower their body temperature and keep them cold. 

Stay warm this winter Frenchie lovers!