The same dog breeds are often thought of when people think of agility. They picture a Border Collie racing across open fields, and Kelpies leaping into the air for Frisbees. Although the French Bulldog is not typically known for its agility, these dogs are much more agile than you think. The French Bulldog is not as slow and pathetic as you would think. Although it does not have the best stamina, this dog can move faster than most people think. Frenchies never let you down with regards to energy and speed.

It might look like a big, lazy Frenchie to you—and it would agree with that description—But its small size belies surprising agility. French Bulldogs are especially nimble when they are young. As puppies, their bodies grow quite compact. At these dog’s age, however, their bodies remain short and squat but their limbs become very strong, giving them great athleticism. Despite what you may think, a French Bulldog could do very well on an obstacle course. With the right training, they can be taught to jump over objects and run at top speed. But, you need to make the most of it while your dog is young because its agility will start to wear off.

Frenchies are the most energetic dogs during their puppy stage, but can tend to slow down as they age. As you can see, all French Bulldogs are different. Some retain their agility into adulthood and a younger age than others. The amount of exercise you give them as puppies is directly related to the amount of energy they will have.

It is important to ensure that your Frenchie gets enough exercise each day. But while they are quite energetic, it is also crucial not to over-exercise them. French Bulldogs, like Pugs and Bulldogs, are brachycephalic breeds. This means that their faces are flat, which makes them more susceptible to overheating than other dog breeds. Frenchie owners should be mindful of panting and salivation while their French Bulldogs are outside.

French Bulldog agility is much more impressive than many people expect. The small dogs are fast and agile, making them great performers. A Frenchie continues to impress whenever it runs across the carpet or leaps from one piece of furniture to another (or even in midair).