How To Manage French Bulldog Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and establish a hierarchy within the family. They love being with their pack members and are almost always more comfortable when they are near them. The phenomenon of attachment between a dog and it’s owner is created by a pack mentality. These same people say that a strong pack mentality is one of the major causes of separation anxiety in animals. One good piece of news is that with some research and a bit of trial and error, you should be able to find a solution that helps your French Bulldog deal with the problem of separation anxiety.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Dogs that are alone for long periods, or dogs that were previously abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, may suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs that have a certain temperament may develop separation anxiety even after short periods of being left alone. The dog’s anxiety is a result of the owner not being there to reassure the dog. The dog may be nervous that he will never see his favorite person again, or worried because he feels unsafe without his owner. A normally well-behaved dog starts acting out when separation anxiety begins.

Why do French Bulldogs get Separation Anxiety?

French Bulldogs are known to have playful natures and therefore make for great pets. Their need for companionship can unfortunately cause them to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone.


  • Excessive barking

  • Chewing on furniture

  • Chewing on paws

  • Shaking or shivering

  • Scratching doors or walls

  • Urinating

How do you manage Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety can be hard to manage in a Frenchie. To begin with, you need to keep things as calm as possible when your dog leaves or returns home. It might be a good idea to crate-train your French bulldog; this will give them a designated safe place where they may feel more secure when you’re out. If you give your dog a special treat or toy when you leave, they can help relieve their anxiety. Always make sure any toys you leave out for your pet are safe and that they’re not eating something toxic. A good way to keep your dog company is to turn the TV on and leave it playing when you go out. The noise will make them feel less lonely.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fixing your French Bulldog’s separation anxiety. You will probably have to try several different methods to find one that will work for your pet. If your dog turns out to be particularly skittish, it will pay off to get in touch with its vet for advice. But if you just persevere patiently and show a little creativity, you should find a way to deal with his separation anxiety with little difficulty.



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