French Bulldogs have some of the cutest ears you’ll ever see. You need to take care of these cute little Dumbo wings because they’re prone to infections. There are several ways to clean an ear, but you must be able to recognize symptoms of a dirty ear and when it is best to call a vet.

Ear cleaning is critical for Frenchie’s to reduce the risk of ear infections. “Ear Infections are very common in dogs, especially in breeds with large ears such as French Bulldogs. Things that can get in your Frenchie’s ears include:

  • Dirt

  • Dust

  • Pollen

  • Algae

  • Mites

French Bulldogs often have weak immune systems, which can make them susceptible to yeast infections. Since yeast thrives in moist dark places, the Frenchie ears are at especially high risk for infection.

If your French Bulldog has been giving off foul odors, the likely explanation is a yeast infection in its ears. It is well known that this condition smells like popcorn or corn chips, but can also smell moldy and cheesy. Perhaps the reason for that is their ears’ canals easily collect debris. These are large and tend to trap dirt, hair, pollen, ear wax, and dead skin cells. When these things congeal they can cause a noticeable smell. If you notice any symptoms other than an odor when cleaning your French Bulldog’s ears, it could be a sign of another, more serious problem.

The following are possible reasons for a dog to have brown clumps or brown discharge coming from its ears:

  • Earwax. Dogs will sometimes shake their heads when they have earwax buildup, but it can lead to lots of other problems with your dog if it’s not taken care of.

  • Infection. Dogs with yeast infections might have brownish discharge. There are also fungi and conditions called otitis externa that can cause this. If your dog’s ears seem red, inflamed, bleeding or flaking, he might have an infection.

  • Ear mites. Ear mites cause dark, gritty, and crusty spots on Frenchie’s ears. It can also cause infections if the dog is excessively scratching its ears.

French bulldogs are among the sweetest little creatures, but they’re also prone to multiple health issues. Most French Bulldogs have a genetic predisposition for ear infections. This is because of their anatomical features. Their flat, compressed skull have big ears that stand upright, and their ear canals are quite deep. French Bulldogs are especially susceptible to allergies. If a French Bulldog develops an itchy skin condition and scratches its ears repeatedly, it can develop bloody ear infections and scratchy skin.

Your French Bulldog may be injured if you insert things in its ears. For example, if you stick a q-tip or cotton swab in your ear, you could push the gunk further back into the ear canal. Over time, this might even compact it. This will make things more complicated for your pet.

So how can you keep your Frenchie’s ears healthy? For the outside flaps, just wipe them with a baby wipe. You can use Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner to clean dogs’ ears. Squeeze a few drops into your dog’s ear, massage it slightly in the base and let it work on its own. It’s okay to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears. Water can encourage bacteria and fungus production, which is why you should thoroughly dry your dog after washing its ears. However, you should get an ear cleaner for the French Bulldogs because it is an important part of their grooming.

The French Bulldog’s ears can be difficult to clean. Many owners think that cotton swabs are enough, but it is necessary to use ear cleaners designed for dogs in order to clean the inside of the canal and rid the ears of residue and gunk.