Frenchie owners are curious about how much their French Bulldogs sleep. It makes sense because a dog sleeping all day would be unusual. Frenchies are a very loving and intelligent breed of dog. The thing is, Frenchies vary in type, personality, and family history which means each individual pup will have different sleeping patterns. However, some Frenchies may sleep more than others.

How much do Frenchies sleep?

French Bulldogs need a lot of sleep. Frenchies sleep for 14-16 hours per day when they’re young and about 18-20 hours per day when they get older. This is because puppies are like human babies in that inadequate sleep can impact their temperament, attitude, and health. French Bulldogs spend about 50 percent of the day sleeping, 30 percent awake but moments away from sleeping and 20 percent being active. Although French Bulldogs are known to sleep most of the day, they can still be flexible and adjust to your schedule. Just like other dogs, French bulldogs will wake easily at any sudden knock on the door or other abrupt sound – their instincts are always ready to protect you.

Is your Frenchie sleeping too much?

Although you may be concerned about how much your pup sleeps, the article shows that it’s common for Frenchies to sleep a lot. French bulldogs sleep a lot. It’s impossible to determine exactly how much without researching it, but expect your new French bulldog pup to sleep anywhere from 10–14 hours per day.

Frenchies are the perfect apartment-living dog because they don’t need to be walked much and sleep a lot. However, if your Frenchie is sleeping too much and doesn’t have the energy expected of them, it’s best to get an expert opinion and call a vet.