Before choosing a breed, people are curious about how noisy that breed tends to be. French bulldogs can have a wide range of barking issues depending on the reason behind their behavior. Dogs bark for many reasons including alerting us to the presence of strangers, territorial defense, and even play. French bulldogs are generally lower-key than most breeds but some still deal with excessive barking problems.

Frenchie’s don’t bark as much as some other breeds. However, not all Frenchie’s are quiet – they are known for making lots of funny noises: snuffles, growly talk, and excited yelps. The French bulldog bark is lower in pitch and tends to be quieter than many small breed dogs, but it has a higher pitch than the average full-size bulldog. A common family dog, the French Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in France. According to a recent survey, 85% of people who own them said that their dogs don’t bark much a lot.


A survey of Frenchie’s owners indicated that most respondents found their dogs barking at people coming to their door and at people or animals visible through windows or fences. This is what they would have expected from a dog with such high intelligence and doggy smarts. Dogs bark because they are alerting the rest of the pack to something. Many dogs enjoy barking because they do it for fun, even when they don’t have a reason to bark. French Bulldogs are not known to be especially loud or barky, but like all dogs, some may learn to bark to relieve stress and/or boredom.

French bulldogs want to be with their owner, so they suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety sometimes bark, howl, or behave destructively while they are left alone. In most cases however the dog will settle down and return to normal behavior once its owner returns home.

The French Bulldog makes a higher-pitched bark than some other dogs. It’s not a yap and doesn’t sound like a howl, but the mix of sounds is almost like it’s howling. Most things Frenchie’s do could be considered ‘weird’.

Whether or not your dog barks is dependent upon the kind of barking that is going on. When most people hear their dogs bark, it is because someone is at their door or a stranger has entered their property. Manage barking out of boredom by spending more time with your dog, investing in a dog walker, or buying some toys to stimulate mental activities.

To get a dog to stop barking on cue, wait until they start barking, but are not so excited that they cannot listen:

  1. Say your Frenchie’s name, and then ‘quiet!’

  2. Hopefully, your dog will look at you and wonder what you want.

  3. Give your French Bulldog a treat from behind your back and reward your dog for their silence, even if it is only for a short period.

  4. To get a dog’s attention when they don’t obey the first time, hold a treat under their nose and wait until it is silent. Then praise and reward them.

  5. Repeat this until your dog immediately shuts up and looks at you when you say the word ‘quiet’.

  6. Then, start to practice saying it from different distances, starting with a few feet leading across the room.

  7. Get your Frenchie to be quiet for long periods.

  8. Stop giving the Frenchie treats, but always acknowledge your dog’s proper response with something like ‘good dog!’ or ‘thank you!

People who don’t want their dog to bark, probably shouldn’t have one. However, most pet owners would like it if their dogs wouldn’t bark too often.