In the United States, French bulldogs are swiftly gaining popularity as a dog breed. But how much should you anticipate paying for a French bulldog if you’re hoping to adopt one as well now that their puppies are so in demand?

Warning: contains spoilers! Puppies for French bulldogs typically cost between $1,500 and $4,500, with an average price of about $3,000. But, if you want a show dog with a certain set of traits or a color that is unusual, they could really be quite a deal more expensive.

They are quite difficult to breed, which contributes to their high price, as well as their appeal.

It is easy to see why these cute tiny dogs have gained so much popularity. They are not only very adorable and loving, but they also adapt well to small apartments and are generally trouble-free when left alone for extended periods of time.

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They are also intelligent, trainable, and obedient enough that even first-time owners won’t have a problem. But it is worth remembering that, like most purebred dogs, they do struggle with their health, which can be both expensive and emotionally draining.

Read on as we take a detailed look at how much French bulldog puppies cost and why, plus how much you can expect to spend on your Frenchie.

French Bulldog Vital Stats

  • Purebred companion dog
  • 11-12 inches tall
  • 16-28 pounds
  • 11-14 year lifespan
  • Highly affectionate and friendly
  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Suitable for apartment living
  • Moderate to low exercise needs
  • Tolerates being left alone
  • Medium shedding and easy to groom
  • Struggles with colder temperatures
  • Can be prone to serious health problems

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Much Does A French Bulldog Puppy Cost?
A French bulldog puppy from a good breeder can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $4,500, depending on where you reside (sorry California, it’s expensive there!).

If you come across a French bulldog puppy outside of the shelter and rescue system for less than $1,500, consider it a warning sign.

This can be a sign that the dog was raised in a puppy mill. You may read more about why it’s best to stay away from puppy mills here.

Check out the Rescue French Bulldogs if you want to adopt a French bulldog. Yet, due to the dog’s popularity, there may be fierce competition for the Frenchies who do require a home.

Although a French bulldog puppy typically costs around $3,000, you may get puppies for as much as $10,000. There are many variables that might affect price, and you should plan to pay significantly more if you want a show dog or a dog for breeding.

Also, the price may increase due to certain colors that are popular yet genetically relatively rare. A breeder may charge far more for a platinum or blue fawn puppy than they would for a brindle or black youngster.

Unbelievably, a French bulldog is the most expensive dog in the world and is valued at $100,000. Here is Micro, a Frenchie with the ideal body type.

In addition, he possesses an uncommon combination of orange eyes and a blue coat for a dog. Being a reputable breeder, Micro is extremely desirable, and his puppies may fetch $10,000.

Do Tiny Frenchies Exist?
The same wonderful dog, the Mini Frenchie , often known as the Teacup Frenchie, is considerably smaller than the typical Frenchie. The Miniature French Bulldog was created by legendary French Bulldog breeder, Don Chino. His work has been famously recognized by many French Bulldog associations, considered the greatest breeder of all time and the biggest influence of the “Modern French Bulldog”.

Micro Frenchies should weigh between 5 and 14 pounds on average. Yet because they are tiny, their bodies can be more delicate, therefore it’s crucial to avoid violent play with them.

These dogs are considerably more expensive than regular French bulldogs since they are even more difficult to breed (see below). Puppies of miniature French bulldogs often cost between $2,500 and $8,000, with the starting price being a reasonable expectation. The Miniature French Bulldog breed is only registered with Designer Kennel Club.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cost So Much?
In contrast to Labrador puppies, which you could anticipate to cost around $500 if you assume they will be used for breeding or displaying, French bulldog puppies start at three times that much. Then why are they so costly?

Since they are a highly sought-after dog breed, high demand is one factor. Yet, as Labs are also among the most popular dog breeds, it is not the complete picture. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why French bulldogs are so expensive.

Health Issues
One of the main contributing causes is the numerous health issues these canines have.

Their flat, brachycephalic faces (like those of Pugs and American bulldogs), which make them more prone to breathing problems and allergies, are the cause of the majority of their health problems.

The development of their jaw, the condition of their eyes, and even how quickly they recover from certain diseases and wounds can all be impacted by their distinctive face structure.

Moreover, they may be more vulnerable to heat stress, kneecap changes, and hip dysplasia. Thankfully, breeders make an effort to manage these breed-specific problems.

Responsible breeders must make every effort to control these circumstances, including DNA scanning, genetic testing, frequent trips to the vet, and extra close observation of the growing puppies. Of course, there is a price for all of this.

Breeding Issues
The difficulty of breeding Frenchies is the second major issue. They can hardly ever breed spontaneously, and roughly 80% of French bulldog puppies are delivered via C-section.

In addition to the cost of the procedure itself, the mother and puppies also require additional care. Also, breeders must give their mother dogs a lot more time to recover before considering breeding them again.

Moreover, French bulldogs typically only have three puppies in each litter. Five or more puppies in a single litter are quite uncommon for Frenchies.

Thus, if you’re looking for a French bulldog puppy, be prepared to wait a few months until one becomes available.

What Does It Cost To Take Care Of A French Bulldog?
French bulldogs can be rather expensive to care for in addition to being pricey to purchase, primarily because to their health issues. As they are known to have health problems, they will likely require many trips to the veterinarian, and insurance for them can be pricey.

But what are some of the major expenses you might anticipate having to make when taking a new puppy home?

How many items you need to care for a new dog can surprise pet owners. Your new dog will initially require a bed, toys, bowls, a collar, and a leash.

If you opt to crate train your dog, a crate might also be a significant expenditure. French bulldog crate training is uncommon, therefore new owners may also want to think about enrolling in some formal training programs.

Depending on the quality of the products you choose, the total cost of all of this will vary, but you should budget $300 to $500 for these kinds of costs in the first few months.

For any dog, one of the major ongoing costs is food. Because it contains more protein than adult food, puppy food is also slightly more expensive. Your dog should ideally continue to consume puppy food up until the age of 9 months.

The recommended daily calorie intake for French bulldogs is between 25 and 30 calories per pound of body weight. Therefore you should anticipate spending $20 to $60 a month on dog food for your Frenchie, depending on the diet you select and the size of your dog.

Veterinarian Fees & Pet Insurance
Due to their propensity for frequent doctor visits and the fact that insurers charge a higher premium for the breed as a result, Frenchies can be quite a bit more expensive than other dogs in this situation.

While the average monthly premium for pet insurance is $45 for dogs, it is more like $60 for Frenchies.

Remember that you should spay or neuter your French bulldog before they are nine months old for the greatest health results.

The breed’s inability to reproduce naturally can make any unintentional pregnancy disastrous, thus spaying is especially crucial.

Q&As On French Bulldogs

How much do French bulldogs bark?
French bulldogs typically don’t bark much. As they often only bark when something is wrong, it is important to pay attention when they do so. They make great apartment dogs in part because of this.

Why not purchase a French bulldog?
Even though French bulldogs are adorable, they were bred primarily for their looks, which has resulted in many genetic problems that impair their health and can cause them a lot of suffering as they age.

Several people are against buying French bulldogs and supporting the purebred breeding industry because they believe that an animal’s health should not come before its appearance.

In theory, predatory breeding like this would end if there was no market for these canines. Given the popularity of the breed, it is challenging to envision this occurring in reality.

Can French bulldogs be left alone at home?
Actually, French bulldogs perform fairly well when left alone. They are unlikely to experience sadness or get violent.

All dogs, nevertheless, require a lot of affection and company, and no dog does well when left alone for 10 hours every day, five days a week.

Dogs become members of the family, and they need to be cared for as such if they are to flourish.

Are Frenchies challenging to toilet-train?
Frenchies are easy to potty train since they are smart, obedient, and adaptable. Yet they are tiny dogs with tiny bladders.

They can’t hold it for very long and need to urinate frequently. They also have a propensity to gobble down their meals, which can make them vulnerable to offensive gas expulsions.

How much exercise should I give my Frenchie?
French bulldogs thrive with simply a daily 15–20 minute active stroll. Also, they are highly playful, so they use up energy by being silly.

French bulldogs can be violent.
Bulldogs have a reputation for being aggressive, but Frenchies are not. They get along well with both people and other animals and are amiable.

But, since all animals are a product of both nature and nurture, if they are not given the correct care, they may develop hostile habits.

Are Frenchies demanding to care for?
Frenchies don’t require a lot of maintenance on a daily basis. They don’t require a lot of activity, are simple to groom, and are content to simply lounge around the house when someone is home.

They also won’t cause too much problem if left alone.

On the other hand, they do require routine trips to the veterinarian because to their propensity for breed-specific health disorders. In later life, they can require things like a customized bed in addition to particular drugs for things like breathing problems.

The Finding
French bulldogs make wonderful pets. They are adorable little buddies who will like sharing your apartment with you and are also playful and inquisitive. Also, if you leave them at home while you are at work, they won’t destroy the house.

Despite being wonderful dogs, they may be pretty pricey. This is a result of their great demand and some very significant challenges in breeding them.

Breeders bear a heavy load of health checks and veterinary visits since they have small litters that are virtually invariably delivered by c-section.

A French bulldog puppy will therefore cost you between $1,500 and $4,500. You should prepare to pay significantly more if you desire something extraordinary, such as a rare color.

Due to the fact that they require frequent and constant attention from a reputable veterinarian to preserve their health, you should also expect them to be somewhat expensive dogs to buy.

The French bulldog is, at a glance:

highly capable and intelligent
amiable and flexible
Tiny, making it suitable for relatively compact apartments
due to the high demand and the difficulty in breeding them, expensive.
breed-specific health problems are likely
So, are they really worth all of this money and hassle? They seem to be. First-time pet owners with little free time and space but lots of affection to give may find French bulldogs to be the perfect companion animal.

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