Have you just spotted a lump of fleshy skin on your pet’s paw or skin? – Panic can set in, cancer can come to mind but continue to read and let us ease your worries! 
Relax, that growth is a skin tag, a mass of fibrous tissue and it is most probably a benign growth. Skin tags are common in dogs, even puppies. No breed is immune. However, older dogs and larger breeds appear predisposed to contracting skin tags.

Causes Of Skin Tags in Dogs

Overactive fibroblasts, cells that promote the production of fibers and collagen required by your pet’s connective tissues, can cause an overproduction of fibrous tissue,giving rise to masses on or near the skin.
Certain factors may produce a conducive environment for skin problems in Frenchies, which can co-exist with skin tags as a secondary growth or infection:

  • Exposure to pollution in the environment
  • An ill-fitting collar 
  • Parasites inhabiting your pet 
  • Poor skin care
  • Insufficient nutrition
  • Too much bathing

Too much bathing, which can strip your dog’s skin of natural oils, is one of the culprits for dryness and chafing. Healthy Treatz has all natural shampoo that can eliminate that on Amazon Prime. www.healthyTreatz.com
A healthy diet is also essential to keep your pet’s immune system functioning properly. 
The thing to do if you’re worried is take your French Bulldog to your vet. 
If the skin tags are growing fast or have turned dark, or if your pet seems to have lost their appetite, gets tired easily or frequently vomits or has loose bowels, get a medical opinion at the earliest. 
Skin tags on dogs can get smaller over time. If they persist, you can have them surgically removed. Some Frenchie owners may choose to opt out, especially if the skin tags have been deemed harmless. 
Vets could recommend surgery if the tags are causing a secondary infection or if your Frenchie can’t stop chewing on them. Torn tags can bleed and give rise to infection – tags near the tail/ pocket tail area are prone to bruising. When the tags appear close to your pet’s eye or mouth, interfering with activities of daily activities might be best to just remove it! Most of the  time they are nothing to worry about!