The cost of a French Bulldog can range from $3,500 to $20,000 USD depending on the breed, age, and color of the puppy, among other variables. To give you an idea of the price range, unique colored, female, and younger puppies are typically more expensive than standard colored, male, and older puppies. A quality Frenchie from a reliable breeder typically costs around $3,500 USD.

What Makes a French Bulldog so expensive?

We’ve already implied that breeding French Bulldogs is definitely no walk in the park: it requires special methods and practices from breeders. Because of their short legs and narrow hips, Frenchies are a bit clumsy when it comes to mating so the females need to be artificially inseminated, which can be a costly procedure. The breeder also needs to find parents with an impeccable structure and health history who would produce perfect Frenchie puppies. For someone who doesn’t belong to an inner circle of reputable breeders this might pose a challenge. 

Because of the Frenchie moms’ narrow hips and the pups’ big heads, the puppies need to be delivered through a C-section. That is by far the safest way for both the mom and the pups, but of course it is another costly procedure. After the surgery, the mother needs some time to heal so it is the breeder’s sole responsibility to care for the pups in their first few weeks. They need to be fed every three hours and supervised constantly; they cannot be left alone with their mom as she might accidentally roll over and smother them. As you can imagine, this kind of full-time care is time-consuming and expensive.

As the puppies get bigger and stronger, they need to be regularly checked by a vet to make sure they are developing well and to administer the necessary shots, dewormers, anti-parasite treatment and microchipping. Health screenings like echocardiograms also need to be performed to ensure the pups are as healthy as possible when they join their new owners. Needless to say, these examinations also come at a considerable cost.

Popular & High Demand

The AKC currently places French Bulldogs 1st on their list, making them the most popular dog breed in the US and internationally in recent years. Price increases were the result of the Frenchie’s sharp rise in popularity and rising demand, and many people saw this as an opportunity to start breeding the dogs to make money. You should think twice before buying a Frenchie from an irresponsible breeder because they typically have no regard for the health of the dogs.


2,5000 USD – 5,000 USDBlack (Brindle, Pied, Tan), Red(Pied, Fawn), (Blue, Lilac) Fawn, (Red, Blue, Lilac) Sable
2,500 USD – 6,000 USDCreamBlue (Brindle, Tan, Pied), Lilac
3,500 USD – 7,000 USD
(Blue eyes + 1,000 USD)
(Black, Blue) Merle, (Choco, Lilac) Tan
4,000 USD – 8,000 USD (Blue eyes + 1,000 USD)Merle TanLilac Merle, Isabella
5,000 USD – 20,000 USDPlatinumFluffy