French Bulldogs are cute, playful, and full of energy. Although many Frenchies are loved by many, they may not be the best breed for everyone due to a long list of problems.

The Evolution of the French Bulldog

Bulldogs are cute. In the 19th Century, breeders attempted to develop a miniature bulldog by breeding the English Bulldogs with smaller dogs. Although the French Bulldog had been around since the 1800s, it wasn’t until after the Industrial Revolution that it became popular. Many people immigrated to France with their bulldogs, and as a result of this exposure, French bulldogs became a favorite among Parisians. French Bulldogs are fantastically lovable dogs, but they’re not ideal dogs for most people. Let’s look at a few of the common problems with French Bulldogs.

Health Issues

French Bulldogs aren’t perfect animals. It’s a tough but true fact that they have to deal with various ailments, just as every other animal on earth does. But what makes these little guys even tougher is their ability to overcome them.

Breathing Issues: French Bulldog health problems are caused by their unique facial structure, which often leads to smaller airways. This makes them more susceptible to respiratory issues in comparison with other breeds.

Risk of Heatstroke: Frenchies are very susceptible to heat, making them more likely to get heat stroke. Since dogs have no sweat glands they lower their temperature through panting. However, French Bulldogs have smaller airways which makes it difficult for them to reap the benefits of panting and overheating more easily than other dog breeds.

Allergies: French bulldogs are more easily allergic to various food and environmental allergens than other dog breeds. Learning how to recognize an allergic reaction can keep your Frenchie happy.

Heart Concerns: It’s crucial that before you get a French Bulldog, you familiarize yourself with their heart health. Heart murmurs and heart disease are two common heart issues in French Bulldogs and can be caused by lack of exercise or diet.

Anxiety in Frenchies

Dogs can get separation anxiety, but French Bulldogs are especially susceptible to this problem. If your French bulldog has separation anxiety, they may try and find you when you leave them. Frenchies have a few symptoms when they experience separation anxiety:

  • Urination

  • Defecation

  • Howling or barking

  • Chewing through items

If your bulldog experiences separation anxiety, you should handle it at the very beginning. There are various ways that you can prevent it from happening again, so chat with the vet if you have concerns.

Abandonment Issues

Separation anxiety can occur if a Frenchie is taken to an animal shelter, surrendered to another family, or abandoned altogether. So many families are dumping their bulldogs because the cost of medical care is too high. While it’s true that bulldogs need more attention, this isn’t an excuse to abandon them. Many rescue dogs have anxiety when they are brought home because of abandonment.


Training French Bulldogs isn’t hard, but it will take some patience because they can be stubborn. French Bulldogs are a breed of dog known for their drooling, shedding, and flatulence. If you’re up to the challenge of dealing with these things daily, then a French Bulldog is probably right for you. For example, it is important to start potty training your bulldog as soon as you bring them home. Otherwise, the pup will develop bad habits over time. You also want to establish strict rules for what is allowed and what isn’t, so that the dog learns quickly how to behave in your house.

Weight Issues

French bulldogs are like any other dog. They can put on a lot of weight, which is dangerous to their health. Male and female French bulldogs can pick up bad habits, like eating too much and becoming overweight. The ideal weight for a male French Bulldog is 20-28 pounds and 18 to 26 pounds for females. Overweight dogs may lead to obesity and cardiovascular issues throughout the dog’s life.


Getting a French Bulldog is one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. And when you decide that it fits perfectly into your lifestyle, you won’t be disappointed. French Bulldogs are adorable and loving pets. They just need a little help to stay that way. So, before you bring one into your home, make sure to get ready for some challenges.