French Bulldogs are extremely energetic and need a fair amount of exercise. This means they require a lot from their owners, especially as puppies. French bulldogs love bingeing on Netflix with their parents, but they need some time each day to go nuts. Otherwise, they’ll bug you until you play with them.


French Bulldogs usually exhibit curiosity and energy in the same way as most puppies. But they sometimes retain that puppy-like behavior into adulthood. A French Bulldog is the best dog because it doesn’t bark much, doesn’t need a yard, it’s easy to travel with, and loves going on adventures. If you do not redirect your Frenchie’s energy and teach them new habits as a puppy, they may develop destructive habits at home. The French Bulldog has a wonderful personality that makes them perfect for people without a lot of space. They are playful, sweet, and affectionate. Importantly, you will need to raise them this way if you want to avoid reclusive, noisy, and aggressive behavior later in life. In particular, pay special attention during their puppy years because it will have a big impact on how they turn out as adults.

During the period following puppyhood, a dog’s energy level often decreases. While this dog may remain active socially, it loves being the center of attention. And, even though they love causing trouble, a well-trained French Bulldog will always be up for playtime. French Bulldogs as adults tend to have a lower energy level than other breeds of dogs. However, you will find that there are exceptions to this rule. Since the breed was developed in France, it is not uncommon to have one with higher energy levels even well beyond their puppy years. No matter what your dogs’ energy levels are, you should keep up with their exercise needs and make sure they’re maintaining a healthy weight. In order to have an active Frenchie, the type of food you feed them is going to play a big role in how active and energetic they are.


French Bulldogs make good apartment dogs because of their size and energy levels. Essentially, Frenchies are laid back, but always ready for a good game.