French Bulldogs are an ideal companion for city-dwellers. Their friendly natures and small size mean you won’t have to exert too much energy keeping them entertained or exercised. French bulldogs are considered to have medium-length and short coats. These traits make them look as if they do not shed very much. This is misleading, however. Like most other breeds of dog, French Bulldogs shed their hair regularly to rid their coats of damaged, old, and excess hair. Not all breeds have the same amount of shedding. Depending on your French Bulldog, they will shed anywhere from lightly to heavily. If you are looking at different types of French Bulldogs it is a good idea to check their coat type before selecting one. It’s easy to find coat types easily by searching online or in books.

A great way to groom your Frenchie is to use Healthy Treatz 5 in 1 Pet Wash! Adding fatty acid supplements to your Frenchie’s diet will make its coat healthier and reduce shedding. Another trick is to invest in garments made especially for dogs.