Frenchie owners know it’s no accident that French Bulldogs would want to swim. After all, they get hot easily, especially in the summer; water is one of the best ways to cool off. Even though it might be tempting to let your poodle jump in the pool, it’s important to know that these dogs absolutely cannot swim.

Their short legs and lack of snout make them unsuitable for water work. French bulldogs aren’t built for swimming; even if your French bulldog can swim a little bit, they won’t be able to do it long enough to save themselves if you don’t immediately help. Sad, but true, Frenchie’s love water, and even though they can’t swim, if given the opportunity to go in a pool or river, they will do it. It’s crucial to teach your French Bulldog that a human-sized pool is off-limits. You can satisfy their love for the water with visits to the beach or a kiddie pool. There is no way that French bulldogs can float. Because of their body shape and muscle density, Frenchie’s do not have the ability to actually float on water.

While French Bulldogs should never be allowed to swim unattended, you can still safely let them cool off from time to time by providing them with a few toys and games that are good for water play! Here are some ways you can let them swim in the water:

Life Jackets

If you’re looking for something to help your pup swim in the pool, there are many options available. Do not use a life jacket for your Frenchie unless it fits close to the body. Dogs can slip out of loose-fitting jackets and do not float upright in them. Even with a life jacket French bulldogs barely stay above the waterline due to their compact faces and noses. Make sure you supervise your pet while they are in the water, and avoid areas that have a current. The ocean is not a good place for Frenchie’s, because of its unpredictable tides and waves. It’s also crucial that you ensure your French Bulldog always wears a life jacket when in or near the water.

Teach Your Frenchie to Swim

Even though they wear flotation vests, it’s still important to teach them how to swim. If your Frenchie ever falls into water that is higher than their head, them knowing how to swim can save them. Treats are a beneficial training tool and should be used frequently when teaching your dog how to properly exit the pool. This is especially useful following a swim, as it will introduce them to the right way of getting out of the pool on their own.

Kiddie Pools

A great way to help your French bulldog cool off in the summer is to fill a kiddie pool with chest-deep water. Dogs love to swim, but they will quickly become fatigued. Collapsible dog pools are the perfect solution! These pools can be easily transported, and are convenient for vacations or picnics.

French bulldogs are unable to swim and must never be allowed in the water unaided or unsupervised. Although your dog may not be able to swim, you can still take him/her to the pool with you. Just purchase a lifejacket or special doggy paddle vest and give them some personal training.