Training your French Bulldog can be daunting, but these 3 tricks will make training more fun for the both of you! French Bulldogs are a popular breed with many positive attributes. Dogs of this type tend to be food and praise-motivated so training can be quite effective when handled correctly. Areas of improvement may include modifying their stubborn nature, which requires a consistent routine that encourages learning rather than punishes undesirable behavior. However, French Bulldogs can be very stubborn especially if you are trying to train an older dog who’s set in its ways. Although it may take you some time, with love, patience, and consistency, your dog will overcome his/her shyness and wariness toward strangers.

Potty training a French bulldog can be a bit of a challenge, but the key is consistency. Here are some ways you can potty train your French Bulldog:

  • Establish a routine. Every time you take your dog outside, repeat exactly the same routine. Use the same leash; open the same door; give the same verbal commands.

  • Let them cue you about their needs. Many Frenchie owners have trained their dogs to ring a bell or wait at the patio door, in order to alert them that they need to “go.

  • Figure out their internal bathroom clock. Puppies can hold it for about one hour for every month of age, so a six-month-old puppy could stay out of the litter box for six hours. To keep your puppy from having an accident in the house, take them out first thing in the morning and at night time.

  • Be careful with puppy pads. Some dog owners claim that puppy pads are the only way to provide a safe indoor potty area. Others argue that they’re crutches, and they prevent dogs from learning how to find their own appropriate potty place indoors.

  • Keep it positive. Frenchie’s are very stubborn. They need to be trained using positive reinforcement when they do things correctly, not negative reinforcement.

It usually takes French Bulldogs 2–8 months to potty train. You can begin training in eight weeks, but it may take a bit longer for them to understand the concept.

There are several factors that can affect the training of your French Bulldog. If you’re a new dog owner, it can be easier to train your puppy than an older or recently adopted dog who already has bad habits. Consider their health history, as Frenchie’s are prone to several health conditions that can impact their mobility. Pupford Academy offers a variety of dog training courses that can help you get your Bulldog to stop barking, walk on a leash, housebreak them, and more. If you aren’t satisfied with their program after practicing the techniques for 30 days, you can get your money back. When it comes to being stubborn, French bulldogs are the most difficult breed to train. But with lots of love and patience, you can teach them just about anything. It depends on the dog. You see, every Frenchie is different. Some may love treats and be very easy to train. Others might require a lot more attention and patience from their owners.