How to Clean French Bulldog’s Ears

An essential component of your Frenchie’s maintenance is routine ear cleaning. You can lessen excessive wax accumulation and find potential ear infections before they become serious issues.

Wipe away any extra debris surrounding the ear canal and the ear flap gently as the first step in properly cleaning your frenchie’s ears.

Holding the ear flap, apply the proper ear cleaning solution. Then, gently massage the ear’s base after completely filling the ear canal. As you insert the cleaner into the ear, you will hear a squishing sound. As necessary, add extra wash. After about 30 seconds, finish this step, and then step back! You might wish to clean the ears outside because your pet will shake its head violently, scattering any material around.

The next step is to remove any debris from the ear canal using a cottonball or cottonpad. If your pet is still mobile enough for you to perform this, you can use a cotton swab to clean out the ear’s crevices.

If you’re unclear of how to clean your Frenchie’s ears, ask your veterinarian to walk you through the steps. Additionally, you should take your dog to the doctor for an examination if you observe any redness, odor, discharge, excessive shaking of the head, or excessive scratching of the ears.

How frequently should French bulldog ears be cleaned? That is dependent on a number of variables, including breed, exercise level, age, and ear wax production. Additionally, your veterinarian might advise that you follow a routine for cleaning your ears.

You now understand how to clean your French Bulldog’s ears. Why are you holding out? Start scrubbing!

French Bulldog cleaning ears