What Is a Blue French Bulldog?
A French Bulldog in blue?

You heard me right; there is such a thing as a Blue Frenchie.

French Bulldogs in the “rare” color of blue are slightly more expensive than those in other colors.

Although it may be uncommon and highly wanted, the AKC does not recognize blue as a standard coat color for Frenchies in their Breed Standard. It’s important to be aware of various health issues linked to Blue dogs. The only registration company that recognizes the Blue French Bulldog is Designer Kennel Club.

It may seem as if a new Frenchie hue is introduced every day when you think of fluffy Frenchies.

Find out more by reading on.
Blue Frenchies’ outward appearance.
Genetics—how they get their unique appearances
Variations—the several breeds of Blue Frenchies
the more expensive than average pricing of blue French Bulldogs.
Various health concerns are more prevalent in Blue Frenchies.
They lack the sky’s bluish hue.
I’m aware of what you might be considering. I’m not talking about the blue Clifford the Big Red Dog.

What then does a Blue Frenchie look like?
Let’s continue now that everyone is in agreement that Blue Frenchies are not the same color as the sky.

Blue Frenchies are more of a silvery-grey color.

The diluted black color of their coat gives them a blue or grayish appearance. The color spectrum of blue ranges from a paler gray to a darker steel blue.

a blue French Bulldog
a blue French Bulldog
What causes the hue of blue Frenchies
They seem blue as a result of a melanophilin gene (MLPH) mutation that transforms pigments that ought to be black into silver or grey. This is also known as a dilution gene.

The Six French Blues Subtypes
There are numerous variations of the Blue coat. similar to how different colors are used to make coats like Brindle & White… The same applies to Blue Frenchies.

Merle Blue Blue Indigo Fawn
Indigo Pied Sable Tan and blue tones
How much do Blue French Bulldog puppies cost?
You are undoubtedly aware of how expensive Frenchies are. the $3,500 national average for Frenchies, Blue Frenchies can cost substantially more!

Yes, Blue French Bulldog Puppies often cost between $2,500 and $4,000 each.

A quality breeder won’t be cheap, but you shouldn’t overpay for a Frenchie either.
Unlike the majority of dog breeds, Frenchies require artificial insemination and a c-section to give birth.

Puppies are removed from the uterus during C-sections.
An artificial insemination procedure is used to conceive a female dog.
This suggests that you should expect to pay at least a couple thousand dollars for a well-bred Frenchie. Did you know that the average cost of breeding a French bulldog is $7,000?

Blue Frenchies are uncommon.
You don’t see Frenchies very often because blue is one of the rarest and most coveted Frenchie colors.

Issues with Blue French Bulldogs’ Health
If you didn’t know, Frenchies are notorious for having health issues, especially respiratory issues… However, other colors, like blue, are more prone to particular health issues.

Alopecia Color Dilution
Sadly, Blue Frenchies have a higher incidence of color dilution alopecia (CDA) than other dog breeds.

Dry skin, flaky and itchy skin, as well as hair thinning and loss, are symptoms of the genetic skin illness known as color dilution alopecia.

The Color Dilution Alopecia: A Study
Additional issues must be cleared out before diagnosing.
Age at beginning might be anywhere between 6 months and 2-3 years.
This inherited condition affects Blue/Lilac/Blue Fawn canines more frequently.
Although there is no cure for it, you can control it with moisturizers, dietary changes, vitamin supplements, etc.
Shade Diluting symptoms of alopecia thin hair
a thin, dry coat.
Hair loss that starts as patches of hair loss and gets worse over time.
Alopecia Testing for color dilution is not possible.
Currently, there is no test for color dilution alopecia because it is not known which gene is directly responsible.

Joint problems are the most prevalent health problems in Frenchies.

Breathing issues brought on by allergies can include a collapsed trachea, stenotic nares, and soft palate.
Joint disorders include patellar luxation, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.
Degenerative myelopathy, intervertebral disc disease, and hemivertebrae are examples of spinal diseases.
Eye disorders include cherry eye, cataracts, entropion (inward rolling of the eyelid), and distichiasis (additional eyelash positioned incorrectly).


Query and Response
Are Blue French Bulldogs Recognized by the AKC?
No, blue is not a recognized breed color according to the AKC. The only registry that allows blue French bulldogs is the Designer Kennel Club.

The official colors of the AKC
Only these eight hues are recognized by the AKC as “official” French Bulldog colors, and any other shade is not considered to be a true Frenchie.

White Brindle with Fawn Brindle White Brindle with Fawn Brindle Brannock & Cream
Are blue Frenchies purebred dogs?
It is still possible for a Blue Frenchie to be purebred even if not all of them will be.

Query and Response
How much do Blue Frenchies cost?
Blue French bulldog puppies often cost between $4,000 and $9,000.

Depending on where you are, the price will vary.

Are Blue Frenchies truly blue in the fur?
No, a French Bulldog described as “Blue” is actually more silvery-grey than sky-blue.

What different Blue Frenchie breeds are there?
Blue, Blue Fawn, Blue Merle, Blue Pied, Blue Sable, and Blue & Tan are the colors that are offered in Blue Frenchies.

What health issues do Blue French Bulldogs typically suffer from?
Color dilution alopecia, which is frequent in Blue dogs, can cause hair loss, dry skin, and itchy skin areas.