A French Bulldog Stud Service Guide
Since more than 22 years ago, French Bulldog Texas Puppies’ goal has been to breed the healthiest Frenchies and place them in the most devoted homes. As soon as we launched our own French Bulldog Stud Service, we decided it was time to assist other moral breeders all over the world. This article is for you if you’re thinking of starting a Frenchie breeding business or if you just want to learn more about French Bulldog stud services.

How does French Bulldog stud service work?
Let’s start with some terminology that you surely already know: a stud is a male dog used for breeding, and a dam is her female counterpart. Breeding a stud and a dam while they are both in heat is known as “dog stud service,” and it also entails the owners of the two dogs addressing the parameters of breeding in a written contract. Since the owner of the stud performs stud service, they also perform stud service contracts.

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Dog breeding services can be performed either naturally or artificially. Due of their short legs and narrow hips, French Bulldogs have difficulty mating naturally, making artificial insemination the only moral method of breeding them. Artificial insemination has many benefits despite being an expensive process, with convenience being the main one. When breeding two dogs in this manner, distance is not a consideration, making it simpler for the dam’s owner to find a suitable stallion for their female Frenchie. The ability to transmit semen around the globe also makes it possible to avoid inbreeding and introduce fresh bloodlines, thereby improving the health of the breed.

The primary objective of breeding French Bulldogs, in the opinion of all ethical breeders, is to advance the breed. In order to find the finest partner for their dog, one should always keep that in mind. For the purpose of reproduction, both male and female Frenchies must pass a series of health examinations and genetic tests. Before mating two Frenchies, a breeder should keep in mind that appearance is just as essential as health, and that they should strive to combine and pass on the best characteristics of the French Bulldog breed.

What happens with artificial insemination in Frenchies?
Let’s start at the beginning since you could have questions about artificial insemination if you aren’t an experienced breeder. The first step is to collect the male dog’s semen, which needs to be frozen and kept in the refrigerator if it isn’t utilized right away. Cold-stored semen can be sent all over the world and maintained for a very long time!

A licensed veterinarian or breeder performs artificial insemination in every case. Using a lengthy tube, the veterinarian puts the stud’s semen into the dam’s uterus during the procedure. A veterinarian should do blood tests on the female Frenchie for the best outcomes, and based on the results, establish whether 2 or 3 days should pass before insemination based on the progesterone level. From the seventh to eighth day of the dam’s cycle, it is advised to repeat the blood tests every two days until the results indicate that the dog is viable and prepared for insemination.

The fundamentals of ethical Frenchie breeding
By this point, you’ve probably realized how difficult it is to produce French Bulldogs. Breeders must invest a lot of time, effort, and money in it, thus one must conduct thorough study first. Contrary to most breeds, producing a Frenchie requires several unique techniques, of which artificial insemination is just one. The safest way to birth the puppies is by far a C-section on the Frenchie mother due to her small hips and the pups’ large heads. They typically arrive 58 to 63 days after fertilization, therefore starting on the 58th day, someone must constantly keep an eye on the mother.

When the time comes, the breeder must set up a special whelping box with a heat lamp above it for the pups, and a secure cage or chamber for the mother. The breeder is alone responsible for taking care of the puppies during their first few weeks because the mother Frenchie needs time to recover from the operation. They must be fed every three hours and continuously watched over; they cannot be left with their mother alone since she may roll over and accidentally suffocate them. A Frenchie litter typically has 5 or 6 pups, however anything between 1 and 10 is conceivable.

A veterinarian should routinely check on the puppies as they grow bigger and stronger to ensure that they are developing normally and to give them the appropriate vaccinations and health examinations. They require a lot of room to move around and build up healthy, strong muscles, as well as a lot of care and human interaction to ensure that they are sociable and friendly. Given all mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that the French Bulldog pricing is among the highest of any dog breeds.

How do you pick the ideal stud for your French Bulldog?
If you’re prepared to handle the responsibilities that go along with a pregnant French Bulldog and her puppies, you might be wondering how to choose a stud for your female Frenchie. The ideal male French Bulldog must first be identified before searching for the best French Bulldog stud. They have a short, stocky body, short legs, a big head, a short nose, small ears, and a short tail, which help you identify them.

Finding any imperfections your female Frenchie may have is the next step since you’ll need to match those with the stud’s traits to create the ideal French Bulldog appearance. This implies that you should select an extra little male if your female Frenchie is greater in size, and vice versa. The same holds true for the other bodily parts: long legs necessitate extra short legs, long noses necessitate extra short noses, etc. Learn more about the key distinctions between boy and girl Frenchies in our post.

In order to develop a desired hue or pattern in French Bulldog DNA, careful study is required. There is no guarantee that the puppies will have the same hue even if two Frenchies of the same color are married! Every Frenchie breeder needs to abide by a few key guidelines as well. For instance, to prevent the development of double merle puppies, which frequently have vision and hearing problems, merle French Bulldogs should only be bred to dogs with solid coat colors. All of these essential guidelines are known to a conscientious breeder.

Health examinations that studs must pass
Since it should go without saying that studs used for breeding must be in outstanding physical condition, the breeder must have their dog subjected to a number of health examinations and genetic testing to demonstrate this. The following conditions must be tested negatively in French Bulldog studs:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a disorder of the brain and spinal cord, causes the hind legs to gradually deteriorate.
bladder stones develop in the urinary bladder as a result of cystinuria, a kidney and bladder disorder.
Canine dwarfism is another name for the skeletal disorder chondrodysplasia (CDPA).
Canine Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR) is a vision-threatening eye disorder.
Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter (CHG) is a hormone disorder that impairs normal growth and development.
Another eye disorder that results in lens darkening and eventually blindness is hereditary cataract (HSF4).

Texas French Bulldog Stud Service
An ethical breeder should always have the improvement of the French Bulldog breed as their first priority, as we already discussed at the beginning of the essay. We’ve been putting in a lot of effort over the past ten years to produce the healthiest Frenchies on the planet and place them in the most devoted homes possible all across the world. Since launching the FrenchBulldog Texas Stud Service, we have added another significant development to our breeding program.

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Top Dollar, the first hypoallergenic French Bulldog in the world

We saw this as a crucial next step in our mission to broaden it: in addition to breeding the healthiest Frenchies, we also want to assist other moral breeders of the French Bulldog in achieving their objectives. To help other ethical Frenchie breeders, we have chosen some of our strongest, healthiest, and most attractive French Bulldog males who have passed all required genetic and health tests. We have made their sperm available to them. Our veterinarian does routine examinations on them to ensure that their health is perfect at all times. The list of studs is not comprehensive, but we’ll keep adding to it as soon as our ideal French bulldogs mature completely!

We can now help breeders in any region of the world add new bloodlines to their breeding operations by shipping chilled semen there. Without needing to buy a male Frenchie, you can still obtain the appropriate traits from a stud using our stud service. We may offer you professional guidance if you’re unsure which of our studs would best match your female Frenchie. We will assist you as long as you support ethical breeding.

Check out our French Bulldog studs if you’re interested in our French Bulldog Stud Service, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

The FrenchBulldog Texas Puppies team, who have been raising French Bulldogs on their farms for more than 22 years, provided the article’s specialist information. All of the images in the post are their own or those of their clients and feature puppies of their particular breed. Look at the French Bulldog puppies they have offered.