5 Tips to Help your French Bulldog’s Stomach

  1. Every French Bulldog reacts differently to dog food. The practice of feeding “grain free” food is very common. This and that are both free of grains. I think most dogs require grain. We’ve overprotected our Frenchies without grain and prevented them from developing an immune system. Not everything that costs a lot is necessarily the best. I advise you to keep experimenting with various dog foods to see which is ideal for your French bulldog. There isn’t a universal recipe for your dog. Whatever works best, use it, and maintain consistency at all times. The key is consistency.
  2. Feeding your Frenchie more frequently throughout the day can reduce the amount of air they swallow each day. You can feed either canned or dry food. Another way to reduce your Frenchie’s aggressive eating behavior is to eat bowls slowly. Eating too quickly is bad for the digestive system in both animals and humans.
  3. Pumpkin puree in a can. Pumpkin in cans is available at your neighborhood store. Once a day, I’ve always added a tablespoon to meals to aid the digestive system and to assist harden stools. I’d advise stocking the pantry. For some strange reason, Frenchies also enjoy the flavor.
  4. Have any milk? Refuse dairy. Be more cautious when giving goodies or trash that include dairy. Sometimes our affection for our Frenchies overcomes us, and we unintentionally give them food. Expect a surprise of unpredictable stools if it contains dairy! e.g., diarrhea
  1. If your French bulldog’s stool consistency indicates that they are still experiencing stomach problems. We advise consulting your French Bulldog’s veterinarian. If your Frenchie consistently experiences persistent stomach issues, there may be a potential for significant medical conditions or stomach disorders that require care.
Blue Merle French Bulldog