Choosing the right dog for your family is not easy, especially if you have children. You may want a gentle dog for children to play with, as well as someone who will snuggle up on the couch from time to time. A French Bulldog might be exactly what your family needs. Although they have a reputation for being difficult, French Bulldogs are very passive and suitable pets for almost everyone.

Are Frenchies Good with Children?

It depends on how the dog is raised and what experiences it has had. If a French Bulldog is socialized properly from an early age, it should be fine with children. Typically, French Bulldogs are gentle animals that are easy-going and crave human companionship. These intelligent little dogs rarely show any aggression. They are amiable and patient, needing companionship. Watch them when they are playing as they can overheat easily. Since their origin, French bulldogs have been bred to enjoy both periods of activity and snuggle time. This makes them the perfect breed for small children who require lots of activity in a small amount of time. French Bulldogs give you the best of both worlds.

How Can I Make Sure My Frenchie is Good With Kids?

Many breeders of French Bulldogs recommend adopting a puppy since this gives your Frenchie the most time to adjust to life with children and learn what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Because of their high-energy, playful nature and short attention span, French Bulldogs respond well to early training. This consistent training will help ensure that your Frenchie develops good habits and appropriate behaviors in a positive environment. If you notice your puppy chewing on anything that can be harmful to him, take action immediately. Children should also be taught how to play with the dog and not hurt him unintentionally. French bulldogs should be socialized from a young age and trained properly to ensure they are happy healthy dogs.

Wrapping Up

A well-trained French bulldog is generally friendly toward children and will get along quite well with them. However, it’s always a good idea to supervise the interactions between young children and dogs, in order to ensure the safety of all involved parties.